“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him.” – Psalm 127:3

There was a need for more Christian based courses in Eastern Wake County for K-12. Bethlehem Baptist Church and the surrounding community through God's grace began BHG to meet that need.

First Year Teachers


Founded in Knightdale

George Fox, the senior pastor of Bethlehem Baptist, and several members of Bethlehem Baptist Church that happen to homeschool saw a need for more options of K-12 Christian based courses in Eastern Wake County.  So, they put their heads and hearts together and God blessed the church and community with what has been a very successful homeschool group.  The group began in the Fall of 2017 after the church congregation gave a unanimous vote of approval.  Bethany Broadwell began as the director of the group and continues to lead in this position.

Michelle Woodard


Growing Volunteer Team

Michelle Woodard, a strong advocate and friend of the group, has come alongside Bethany as Co-Director

Michelle Woodard
New Director

At the end of the fall semester Bethany Broadwell stepped down as the director of BHG to take a full time teaching position at East Wake Academy. She leaves a hole that is impossible to fill. She will continue to be missed by all. Michelle Woodard has assumed the role of Director having been Co-Director with Bethany.

Beth Perkins


Growing Volunteer Team

Beth Perkins, a committed mom of BHG, has come alongside as the Co-Director. We appreciate her love of God that overflows to the moms and children and her attention to detail.

Facing New Challenges Together

We continue to see God bless BHG with new teachers and new classes. There are also new challenges with the COVID virus. We will press on and diligently seek to continue our Christ centered education on Thursdays at BBC.

Did you know?

Before each student can sign-up for classes they must first register online. Once registered you and your family can begin contacting teachers and enrolling in the classes offered this semester.

Family & Class Registration for 2021 Fall Semester is here! See details