“Therefore, go out and make disciples of all nations.” – Matthew 28:19

Each family will pay an annual membership fee of $30 on the first day of the semester.  This money funds Holiday parties and celebrations, guest speakers, supplies and materials, field trips, fellowship activities for moms, clubs, P.E. equipment.

Each course has a separate fee to be paid by the semester.  This fee is set by the instructors and is based on the length and duration of the class, the amount of time spent preparing outside of class, and materials needed to be purchased for the class.  Our instructors are highly qualified.  Most of the BHG instructors have higher education degrees in education or the content area being taught or they have years of experience teaching in their area.  Most instructors offer a payment plan.  Be sure to ask. 

BHG provides a wide range of courses to help enhance your homeschooling experience for your student. Visit our listing of offered courses for the semester and if you have questions, then contact the instructor for that course. If you need further assistance, contact the director.