Read First

“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him.” – Psalm 127:3

For your student to begin taking classes at BHG, we ask you to review these six steps to ensure you and your student are ready for an awesome semester. This process is for each semester (excluding the annual membership fee).


Review Courses Offered

Read over each course’s description, highlighting what is required for materials and the pricing associated with each course.

+ Preschool

+ Elementary

+ Middle School

+ High School

+ Adult Programs


Register Your Family

Each semester you must register your family. There is a membership fee that can be paid on your first day at the front desk.


Sign-up For Classes

Contact the instructors for the classes you would like for your students to take to get on that class’ specific roster or waiting list.


Make Class Payments

Start making payments to the instructors directly.  The instructors will let you know how they preferred to be paid.


Join us at Open House, August 26th!

Open house will be Thursday, August 26th starting at 8:30am.  Look forward to seeing you there!


Pay Annual Family Membership Fee

On the first day of the semester come by the front desk and make sure to pay your $30 annual family membership fee.

Family & Class Registration for 2021 Fall Semester is here! See details